Water Temperature Sensor Placement and Wiring

zetec - 86

Straight on view into the connecting end of the Water Temp Sensor.

This sensor is available from Performance Electronics. PE has two types of water temp sensors. This is the sensor with the 3/8 NPT threads. The PE part number is 50040001. The cost is $30.

Performance Electronics can also supply the appropriate connector. That PE part number is 40000053. The cost is $6.50.

Pegasus sells an In-Line Water Temperature Gauge Adaptor that readily accepts the 3/8 NPT sensor threads. The adaptor slips inside the water line hoses. It works with either 1” or 1 ¼” ID hose. Pegasus advises that the adapter must have a ground line running to the block or chassis.

A nice thing about the in-line adapter is that it can be mounted just about anywhere along the water distribution system so as to be adaptable to any chassis.

The Pegasus part number for this in-line adapter is AM2282. The cost is $49.99.


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M29 is the signal line for the water temperature sensor. And, once again, M26 provides the sensor ground.


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