Intake Manifold Assembly and the O-Ring Requirement

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The throttle body, air trumpets, intake manifold, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator and injector assembly arrives from Quicksilver. The throttle body and intake manifold combination is a GCR required part with a specified casting number of 0138.

The assembly is complete with injectors. The stock Ford injector part number is 0280155887 XS4U-AA. An Accel injector (part number ACC150819) is allowed as an alternative.

The GCR also requires that a continuous o-ring of 0.100 inches in diameter be fitted into the grooves on the face of the intake manifold.

The O Ring Store in Lewiston, Idaho forwarded the bulk Buna-N O-ring cord in the .103 diameter and a vial of O-ring glue. The glue is necessary to assure that the ends of the O-ring are sealed to form the required continuous O-ring seal.

The bulk O-ring material was $1.29 per foot. The glue was $2.


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Throttle body, fuel rail, injector and manifold assembly bolted into place.

Recommended torque is 15 ft-lbs.

Remember. Head is aluminum. Time Sert kits are great and will be a wonderful help when threads strip. But the kits are also $70 each.

Total cost for the entire intake assembly is $2500 from Quicksilver. Nice that it included the injectors in that Ford wanted $431.92 for the injectors alone.

Fabrication by Fast Forward.

Assembly by Quicksilver.


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