Stock Oil Pump Cover Modification

zetec - 17

Front crankshaft seal and cover in its original state. The portion below the curved part of the cover (essentially the remnants of the stock internal oiling system) will have to be removed in that they will interfere with the cast ARE dry sump pan.


zetec - 18

Backside view of the front crankshaft seal cover once the remnant removal surgery was completed.

Quicksilver performed this service for $45.


zetec - 19

Modified front cover bolted in place. Didn’t see a recommended torque for these fasteners. Probably the same as the rear oil seal fasteners at 13 ft-lbs. Or the 15 ft-lbs recommended for the water pump.

As an aside, the Haynes Manual cautions that most torque wrenches lack precision at torque values lower than 15 ft-lbs. They recommend a torque wrench that reads in inch-pounds (one pound equaling twelve inches). Shops catering to bicycle mechanics will have these lower torque value precision torque wrenches.


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