Transition from the Mechanical to the Electrical

It would have been right around this point where the professional builder would have accepted the purchase price check and shipped the completed motor off to the customer. In all probability, they would not have included the oil filtration system or the motor mounts. They would not have included the header or anything else deemed to be chassis, rather than, motor related. Their assumption would be that you would be plugging the new motor into an existing zetec accommodating chassis. And they would not have included anything on the Engine Control Unit side of powerplant operation.


zetec - 57

The ignition and fuel injection aspects of the FC/F2000 zetec motor are controlled by an ECU. The GCR allows two ECU’s. They are the Pectel T2 or the Performance Electronics PE-3. I went with the PE-3 because the T2 was being phased out. The cost of the PE-3 was $1050 from Quicksilver. Since one of the aspects of this project is to come up with somewhat universal and adaptable configurations, I decided to place the PE-3 in that area beneath the driver’s knees. It seemed that that area is available in one way or another in most FC/F2000 chassis. And it made it easier for me to visualize potential wire routings.

There was also the complication presented by the fact that, while chassis and engine harnesses were readily available for the Pectel T2 application, I was going to be pretty much on my own in creating harnesses that worked with the PE-3. Particularly once I received bids of $3500 to $8000 to have professionals create them for me.


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