Modification of the Stock Block


Once the disassembly is underway it’s possible to begin the analysis regarding the modifications to the block that might be needed to get it into shape for the Formula Continental necessities.  Since the engine will be dry sumped, the original internal oil pump will be discarded (along with the original oil filter).  This will require plugging the passageway which had been the pathway for oil from the internal pump to the oil filter.  The portal to this passageway can be seen in the above photo at the lower left side of the front of the block.  It is the single portal completely surrounded by the front cover gasket.


zetec - 6

The oil passageway is plugged via a 3/8 NPT flush mounted plug.

The nipple where the original oil filter would spin on would ultimately be replaced by an 8 AN fitting that would be either drilled and tapped into place or welded into place.


zetec - 7

A plugging also occurs (this time via a 1/4 NPT flush mount plug) at the site where the dip stick once was.   The dip stick is no longer required in the dry sump mode since the engine oil is housed in a remote reservoir.  Those who are comfortable with their machine shop skills could perform these tapping and pluggings themselves.  I have no such confidence so engaged Custom Precision Machining in San Rafael for these tasks.  They charged $75.

The open hole where the crankcase breather mechanism had been is ultimately covered by a breather cover that can be fabricated using the original Ford gasket as a template.  Quicksilver Race Engines was able to provide just such a cover for $30.  Dunnell Engines in England can also provide one for a similar cost.


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