Fuel Pressure Sensor Placement and Wiring

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The first sensor on the Upper Branch was the Fuel Pressure Sensor. The above photo is a close up view looking into the pins of the sensor.

Probably is an AEM part in the 30-2131 family of AEM parts numbers.

The threaded part of the sensor is 1/8 NPT Male. It threads into an inline adapter in the 6 AN fitting and fuel filter and fuel line assembly on the intake side of the fuel rail.

The electrical connection is referred to as a Packard 3-pin. The AEM website cautions that the connector has “pull to seat” type terminals. The wire goes through the housing before the terminals are crimped to the wire. The wire, with crimped-on terminal firmly in place, is then pulled back through the housing to seat and lock the terminal in its place.

The Performance Electronics part number for the sensor is 50080001. The cost is $85.

The PE part number for the connector is 40000084. They refer to it as a 3-pin Metripack 150 series connector. The cost is $6.50.


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Fuel Pressure Sensor wiring diagram. Left pin is the M26 ground. Middle (and lower) pin is for M31 signal. Power once again comes in from M16.


zetec - 84

Fuel Pressure Sensor connector in place along with the “write-on” heat shrink.

Not concerned with shielding or covering or heatshrinking any of the wires at this point in the event that something has been incorrectly wired forcing quick adjustments and corrections in the dyno room.

In line magnetic screen filter with 6 AN male fittings from Pegasus. $53.99.


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