Cylinder Head: Disassembled and Reassembled

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On to the disassembly of the cylinder head. The critical acquisition for this part of the project is the OTC Tools Universal Overhead Valve Spring Compressor (Part Number OTC-4572). The threaded components of this tool provide for very precise turn by turn compression of the valve springs. $53.97 from Summit Racing.


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Head disassembled. Valve, spring, and keepers holder assembled from basic pine stock. Cost: Negligible.


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The head may only be resurfaced to assure that the face of the head is straight and true (and the minimum thickness of the head must not be less than 5.230 inches). The GCR requires a standard three angle “production” valve job.  The intake valve seats must be 30, 45 and 70 degrees with the 45 degree face a minimum of 1.5 mm wide.  The exhaust valve seats must be 30, 45, and 55 degrees and once again the 45 degree seat must be at least 1.5 mm wide.  The GCR prohibits any porting or polishing of the cylinder head. This head was in pretty good shape and only required the removal of 2 thousandths.  Best Machine in San Rafael removed the old valve stem seals and did the resurfacing for $60. New valve stem seals were $84.64 from Ford.


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The OTC 4572 valve spring compressor deep well capability is critical for head reassembly. And the precision turn by turn compression of the spring is essential when attempting to refit the spring retainers and keepers. The task requires considerable patience, a magnetic screwdriver, a couple of probes and a little dab of clear grease on each keeper. I put in new valve springs. Our Ford Dealer charged $469.36 for the new springs.


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