Camshaft Reinstallation and Alignment

zetec - 20

Cam Followers, Cams and Cam Caps all in place. The rectangular piece of metal inserted into the back end of the cams is part of the cam and crankshaft timing and alignment kit.

This particular kit is an OTC product (Cam Alignment Kit 2.0L Zetec engine OTC 6486). Available on the internet. Ordered mine from Automotive Specialty Tools. $25.19.

Camshaft bearing cap torque is also in stages. Stage 1 is to 7 lb-ft. Stage 2 is to 15 lb-ft.


zetec - 21

The head of the timing pin portion of the cam alignment kit can be can be seen at the rear of the left side of the block just below and to the right of the breather cover. This pin helps locate the crankshaft at the correct top dead center position while the cam alignment strip is holding the cams in the correct position for the first cylinder piston at top dead center.


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