Alternator Kit Installation

zetec - 53

This is a photograph of an unmodified middle timing belt cover. It will need to be machined to accommodate a small alternator mounting kit.


zetec - 54

The middle timing belt cover as machined for the alternator bracket.

Quicksilver will do an exchange of an unmodified cover for a modified cover as part of their zetec small alternator kit.


zetec - 55

Alternator bracket in place.


zetec - 56

Alternator in place. Toothed belt in place.

The alternator is needed to handle the increased electrical load of an electronic fuel injection system.

Quicksilver provides the entire kit for $603 (including alternator, bracket, fasteners, belt and modified middle timing belt cover).

The alternator itself, apparently, comes off of a Kubota tractor.

Paul Hasselgren advises that the drive belt, once installed, must be loose enough that one could twist the belt 90 degrees sideways. The belt, if too tight, could potentially overload the alternator shaft resulting in part failure.


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