Parts, Tools and Services (With Totals)

Parts, Tools and Services for Mechanical Phase of Project:

Junkyard motor acquisition: $431

Crankcase breather cover: $30

Main bearing set: $151.80

Rear oil seal kit: $30

Quartermaster flywheel: $500

Pilot Bearing:  $8.44

Valve stem seals: $84.64

Ford valve springs: $469.36

Connecting rod bearings: $358.09

Piston Ring set: $120.14

Ford cylinder head gasket: $15.66

ARP connecting rod bolts: $65.99

Ford cylinder head bolts: $37.60

Engine gasket set: $75

Cam shaft seals: $24.38

Ford timing belt kit with pulleys: $120.86

Trigger wheel, pulley and crank sensor kit: $260

ARE dry sump pan: $600

Water pump reverse impeller: $95

New water pump pulley: $75

Water outlet and thermostat: $180

Oil pump, bracket, idler and belt kit: $975

Oil pump fittings: $188

System 1 oil filter, hose and fittings: $220

O-Ring material and glue: $14

Intake manifold assembly, fuel rail, injectors and throttle linkage: $2500


Parts Total for Mechanical Phase of Project: $6,466.96


Machine Shop Services for Mechanical Phase of Project:

Oil passageway and dip stick plugs: $75

Cylinder Head resurfacing: $60.

Front oil pump and crank cover modification: $45

Water pump impeller press-on service: $50

Oil inlet nipple modification for 8 AN fitting: $25


Machine Shop Services Total for Mechanical Phase : $255.00


 Essential Tools for Mechanical Phase of Project:

OTC Valve Spring Compressor: $53.97

Camshaft and Crankshaft alignment kit: $25.19

Cam Sprocket holding tool: $61.55

Two Time Sert kits (3/8 & 5/16): $140


Essential Tools Total for Mechanical Phase of Project: $280.71


Combined Total for the Mechanical Phase of Project: $6,996.67


Additional Parts and Services Needed for Chassis Installation and FC Class Legality:

 Air scoop, backing plate, filter and installation kit: $695

Alternator kit (including belt and modified middle timing belt cover): $603

Header (used): $500

Upper motor mount: $50

Lower motor mount: $150


Additional Parts and Services Total: $1,998


Non Essential Items But Nice to Have:

Koul Tools Hose Assembly tool: $249.99

Rsport Engine Stands: $175

Flywheel locking tool:  $34


Non Essential Items Total: $458.99


New Combined Total with Additional Parts, Services and Non Essentials:   $9,457.22



 Electrical, ECU and Sensor Phase of Project:

 Performance Electronics PE-3 ECU: $1,050

4 integral fuse relays: $81.96

34 pin connector for ECU (fully populated with numbered wires): $143

26 pin connector for ECU (also fully populated): $99

ECU sub ethernet cable: $30

Ford Coil assembly and plug leads: $205.81

4 NGK 6510 Iridium IX plugs: $39.80

Ford coil connector with pigtail: $77

Clear heat shrink butt connectors (assorted): $50

4 EV1 connectors for injectors (with pigtails): $26

MAP sensor: $60

PE MAP sensor connector: $6.50

Cam sensor: $39.49

EV1 connector for cam sensor (with pigtail): $6.50

Air Temp sensor: $30

EV1 connector for air temp sensor (with pigtail): $6.50

Throttle Position Sensor (older Penny-Giles): $37.50

3 pin Weatherpack connector for TPS: $13

Fuel Pressure sensor: $85

Connector for fuel pressure sensor: $6.50

6 AN inline fuel filter: $53.99

Water Temp sensor: $30

Connector for water temp sensor: $6.50

In line adaptor for water temp sensor: $49.99

Oil Pressure sensor: $85

Connector for oil pressure sensor: $6.50

Oil Temp sensor: $30

EV1 connector for oil temp sensor (with pigtail): $6.50

Crank Position Sensor: $40.00

EV1 connector for CPS (with pigtail): $6.50

Crank sensor bracket: $27.50


Parts Total for Electrical Phase of Project: $2,433.04


Essential Tools for Electrical Phase of Project:

Ratcheting Crimper with interchangeable jaws: $109.97

Ratcheting Weatherpack Crimper: $139.99

Basic Crimper: $19

Milwaukee Heat Gun: $70


            Essential Tools for Electrical Phase of Project Total: $338.96


 Full Combined Total from Mechanical and Electrical Phases: $12,249.66


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