Oil Filter Installation

zetec - 42

System 1 inline oil filter in initial mock-up configuration. This oil filter is available from several sources. Purchased this one from Summit Racing Equipment. Part Number SOF-201-203708. $124.16.

The straight 8 AN fitting was $18. The two 90 degree 8 AN fittings were $20 each. The 180 degree 8 AN fitting cost $23. Needed just about 2 feet of reinforced high temperature hose (at $7 per foot). AN fittings and hose from Pegasus.

The 2 inch ID insulated clamp came from Quality Distributing in Oregon. Negligible cost.

Total cost of this oil filter installation was right around $220 (not counting the modified oil inlet nipple which had yet to be installed).

Pegasus also supplies a hose assembly tool. It’s not absolutely necessary but certainly eased the strain on my ageing fingers.   It’s the KOUL Tools EZ-ON Push-Lock Hose Assembly Tool. Pegasus part number 3330-001. $249.99.


zetec - 43

Close up photo of the nipple replacement fitting.

The original threaded nipple insert is removed from the block. Then the stock oil filter spin-on threads are cut off of the nipple. A steel 8 AN fitting (with hex head base) is welded on to the original threaded portion that would ultimately thread back into the block. Quicksilver provides a version of this nipple modification for $25.

This particular version was fabricated by Dan Marvin of the Norman Racing Group in Berkeley.

I’ve also heard of a version where, once the spin-on threads have been removed, then the thread-into-the-block segment is tapped for a 3/8 NPT so that an 8 AN to 3/8 NPT adapter can be threaded into it.


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