The junk yard motor came with all of the original intake, alternator and air quality compliance components attached.  These were removed and discarded.

All components at the front of the engine were also removed as were the front covers and the cam cover.  All of these were set aside and kept except for the big crankshaft pulley.  It was discarded.

Since the project was to be dry sumped, the original wet sump pan (in two parts) was also removed and discarded.

The original crankshaft was removed (along with the bearing caps) and set aside.  The rear oil seal housing was preserved as were the stock pistons and connecting rods.



All components were also removed from the back of the engine.  The flywheel and the stock thermostat housing were removed and discarded.  The GCR requires that the valve train and the cams remain completely stock so those items were removed and then set aside for later use.



The cylinder head is then separated from the block and set aside for delivery to the machine shop (to assure that the face of the head is straight and true).


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