Pistons, Block and Cylinder Head Reunion

zetec - 15

The GCR prohibits boring out the block. Only the stock dimensions are allowed (even if it should become necessary to sleeve the block).  The required standard bore is 3.3390.  The wear allowance may not exceed 3.3420.  Honing is allowed only for the purpose of assisting the seating of piston rings. I re-used the stock pistons and connecting rods. The GCR allows Sealed Power H872cp pistons as an alternative.

Our Ford dealer sold me the connecting rod bearings for $358.08. I used the GCR allowed ARP connecting rod bolts (From Pegasus Auto Racing Supplies: $65.99).

I used the stock piston rings. Hastings Rings (part number 2M4887 std) are allowed as an alternative. The Ford Zetec stock piston ring set cost $120.14.

The stock cylinder head gasket (Ford part number XS7Z6051CA) is usually required but the GCR does allow the Victor Reinz part number 54502 as an alternative. The stock Ford cylinder head gasket was $15.66.

The above photo also shows the installation of the breather cover forwarded by Quicksilver.


zetec - 16

Head reunited with the block. New cylinder head bolts from Ford. $37.60.

Recommended torque procedure is in three stages. Stage 1 is to 22 lb-ft. Stage 2 is to 37 lb-ft. Stage 3 is an angular turn of 90 to 120 degrees with a warning to not torque further.


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