Oil Pump Installation

zetec - 37

Oil pump mounting bracket bolted to the ARE dry sump pan.

As earlier noted this requires the 5/16 Time Sert insert. 5/16 allen head bolts needed for tool clearance.

When bolting the bracket to the pan note that the larger end of the bracket is up. If it is flipped upside down then other fasteners for the oil pump itself won’t line up properly.

Another critical installation requirement is that the oil pump mounting bolts themselves must be in place before the bracket is bolted to the pan. Not enough room to get them in after the bracket is bolted down.


zetec - 38

Bolting the oil pump to the bracket.

Slow and precise works here. The pump and bracket are all made of readily strippable aluminum.

The pump itself is a glorious example of the machinist’s art offered to the motorsports world by Doug Learned and Fast Forward.

Quicksilver sold me the pump and bracket for $975.


zetec - 39

Front oil pump fastener (the dark allen head fastener just to the left of the trigger wheel). This is the critical fastener that won’t line up if one has made the mistake of mounting the bracket upside down.

The torque figure here is probably the same as for the other front-and-rear-into-the-block fasteners (13 to 15 ft-lbs).


zetec - 40

The belt driving both the oil pump and the water pump will be tensioned by the idler here seen resting on its locating stud.

Be careful tightening the stud as it is going into the aluminum of the oil pump support.

The cost of the idler and belt were included in the Quicksilver price for the pump and bracket.


zetec - 41

Oil fittings provided by Quicksilver ($188).  Included screens, O rings and clamps. ARE can provide similar fittings.

The anodized blue/red push on AN fittings were ordered from Pegasus. Cost is between $7 and $24 each depending upon size and configuration. A straight 8 AN fitting would be at the lower end. A 180 degree 10 AN fitting would be at the upper end.


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