Dry Sump Pan

zetec - 31

The ARE cast dry sump pan in place. Beautiful unit. Fasteners at 18 ft-lbs. Paul Hasselgren advises that the pan should be mated to the block using permatex black silicone gasket maker which then eliminates the need to use an actual gasket.

Quicksilver provided the ARE pan for $660.


zetec - 32

The ARE pan from the front. ARE stands for Armstrong Race Engineering. California company. Web site is drysump.com. Beautiful work and they are very responsive to questions. Full technical drawings available on the web site.

The four holes at the front are for the lower motor mount. They are tapped for a 3/8 inch TimeSert insert (for receipt of 3/8 inch allen head bolts).

The oil pump mount at the forward right side of the pan is tapped for a 5/16 TimeSert insert (to receive 5/16 inch allen head bolts).

TimeSert insert kits run about $70 each.

The comprehensive TimeSert website contains kit information, dealer information and instructional videos. The website is, of course, timesert.com.


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