Crankshaft and Flywheel


The GCR requires that the crankshaft remain stock.  The rod and main journals may, however, be “reground or polished for the purpose of installing oversize main or rod bearings.”  If reground, the journals are to be 2.273-2.274 or 2.263-2.264 inches in diameter.   The rod journals, should they need to be reground, must be 1.837-1.838 or 1.827-1.828 inches in diameter.

Our local Ford dealer in Novato provided the main bearing set for $151.80.

The website recommends, on re-installation, a main bearing cap bolt torque of 66 lb ft.


zetec - 9

Standard Ford rear oil seal was installed in the standard Ford real oil seal cover utilizing the standard Ford rear oil seal installation kit.  $25-$30.

Recommended torque on the rear oil seal bolts is 13 ft-lbs.



zetec - 10

The GCR required Quartermaster flywheel is installed.  The part number is QM107160.  $500 from Quicksilver Race Engines.

Torque for the flywheel bolts is 86 ft-lbs.



An exceptionally useful tool for locking down the flywheel is available from APS Auto Parts LTD and several other auto parts distributors in England.  The British Pound equivalent in cost ranges from $25 to $30 USD.  The tool is called the Laser 3575 Flywheel Crankshaft Locking Tool Kit Ford.  The Laser website lists the various distributors.

Quicksilver recommends a pilot bushing for the input shaft end of the crankshaft.  They recommend an NTN product.  Part number HK15142L.  Cost is $8.44.  Available from Motion Industries (with distributors in every state).

Burton Power provides a similar bearing in the identical dimensions (15 mm Bore with a 21 mm OD).  The cost in British Pounds also appears to be in the realm of $7.00 (depending on the fluctuating exchange rate).




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