Oil Pressure Sensor Placement and Wiring

zetec - 88

The Oil Pressure Sensor threads into the block at the exact same place where the stock oil pressure sender was to be found (just above and to the left of the stock oil filter location).

This part is identical to the Fuel Pressure Sensor described earlier.

The sensor has 1/8 NPT threads. A 1/8 NPT to 3/8 NPT bushing is required to thread the sensor into the block. A local hardware store should have such a bushing. Pegasus can also provide one.

The Performance Electronics part number for the sensor is 50080001. Cost is $85.

The connector is, once again, a “pull to seat” type. PE part number is 40000084. $6.50.


zetec - 89

5v power comes into the Oil Pressure Sensor from M16. It goes to the upper right pin (from the vantage point of looking into the sensor). The grounding comes from M26 into the upper left pin. And the signal line is provided by M23 into the lower middle pin.


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