MAP Sensor Placement and Wiring

zetec - 74

The 1-bar MAP Sensor (PE part number 5003001) is usually used to measure air pressure in an intake manifold. The GCR required intake manifold assembly does not, however, have any provision for a direct mounting of the MAP sensor.

Quicksilver advises that a remote mount is fine. I cobbled together a makeshift bracket so as to be able to mount the MAP sensor to the coil mount bracket as seen above.

The PE cost of the sensor is $60.


zetec - 75

Wiring diagram for the MAP sensor. Wire M26 provides sensor grounding through the left (A) pin. Wire M12 provides the signal line to the MAP sensor through the middle (B).  M16 provides the 5v sensor power via the right (C) pin. The connector for the MAP sensor is a PE part (part number 40000050). The cost is $6.50.


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