Timing Belt and Pulleys

zetec - 23

Stock crankshaft washer and timing belt pulley in place.


zetec - 24

Upper timing belt cover backing plate and new camshaft seals in place. Ford charged $24.38 for the seals.


zetec - 25

Camshaft pulleys in place.


zetec - 26

Timing belt, pulleys and tensioner in place. Ford charged $120.86 for these components. Once the belt is tensioned then it is time to torque the camshaft sprocket bolts.

Purchased the Cam Holder Tool (Automotive Specialty Tools item number BOM-AS4394. $61.55). Critical item. Holds the cam sprockets still while torqueing the camshaft sprocket bolts. The Haynes Manual warns that trying to torque the camshaft sprocket bolts with just the cam alignment kit in place to keep the cams where they need to be will probably result in the failure of either the cams or the kit components.  Recommended torque for Cam sprockets is 53 ft-lbs. Tensioner bolt and Timing belt pulley bolt torques are 30 ft-lbs.

Once the sprocket and pulley torqueing tasks are completed, remove the Cam Alignment Tool and the Crankshaft TDC Timing Pin. Put the timing pin blanking plug back in where the Timing Pin had been.


The above photo shows an exploded view of the trigger wheel and oil pump belt drive pulley assembly.

The crankshaft timing trigger wheel has the Ford 36 minus 1 pattern. Quicksilver sold me the crank hub pulley and trigger wheel (along with the crank sensor) for $260. If a new 36-1 trigger wheel is purchased then it will need to be machined to fit. And when it is so machined the missing tooth of the trigger wheel must be 90 degrees clockwise beyond (after) the center of the crank position sensor center at top dead center for cylinder one. Burton Power can supply a new OMEX 100 mm diameter 36-1 trigger wheel for $60.


This photo shows how Dan Marvin machined the existing oil pump drive pulley and trigger wheel assembly to accommodate a new OMEX trigger wheel. He removed the existing trigger wheel and spacer, fabricated a new spacer, bored out the new trigger wheel to fit the diameter of the existing component and then put it all together in a very tight press fit.


In this close up photo the notch for the woodruff key is seen in the top dead center position. The missing tooth of the 36 – 1 trigger wheel is in the correct place to coordinate with the crankshaft sensor which is mounted at the lower left of the trigger wheel (roughly in the 8 o’clock position). The crankshaft sensor information can be located on its page.

The Haynes Manual recommends that the crankshaft pulley bolt be torqued to 85 foot pounds when everything is re-installed.

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