Front and Cam Covers

zetec - 27

Lower timing belt cover in place. Just 6 ft-lbs of torque recommended.


zetec - 28

Middle timing belt cover in place. This section of the timing belt cover does more than simply protect the timing belt components from dust and debris. It is also structural in that it holds the top front motor mount studs. The Haynes Manual recommends 37 ft-lbs for these fasteners.   Crankshaft pulley bolt gets 85 ft-lbs of torque.


zetec - 29

Upper timing belt cover in place. 4 to 8 foot pounds of torque.


zetec - 30

Cam cover in place. Stock item. There are places out there (Burton Power for one) that will sell dress up versions. The fasteners only require 6 foot pounds of torque.


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