Powerplant Acquisition


The basic Zetec powerplant came from the early 2000 Ford Focus ZX3.  The General Competition Rules of the SCCA specified allowable block numbers.  These were RFYS4G6015AA, RFYS4G6015AD or RFYS4G6015AE.  Cylinder Head numbers were also specified.  These were RFYS4E6090AC or RFYS4E6090D.  The Car-Part website revealed hundreds of used zetec motors in junkyards around the country, many within easy driving distance of my home in Northern California.  Pacific Auto Salvage near the Napa airport had one such motor.  The head and block numbers were on the GCR list, I paid $431 (including tax) and brought the motor home to begin the project.

Junk Yard Zetec Project Background

One of the fascinating philosophical aspects of the early formula ford (and the later f2000 variant) was that an enthusiast could go out to a junk yard, acquire the basic powerplant, take it home and build it up into a legal competition motor.  You’d never be as quick as the professional engine builders, but you could get going.  And, as one gained experience and when, hopefully, funding improved, then additional performance modifications and improvements could be made as well.

When the Sports Car Club of America allowed the Zetec motor into the F2000/Formula Continental Class I began to wonder whether or not the original junk yard option was viable.  So, eventually, I began the Junk Yard Zetec Project.

First, a caveat:  I’m not a gifted mechanic.  Some would say that I’m barely a capable mechanic.  Fortunately, the SCCA has taken away much of the black arts by requiring that most of the parts remain stock.  The General Competition Rules, Section 16, entitled Ford Zetec Engine (in the Formula Car Category Specifications section) covers the Zetec modification rules.

The Haynes manual for the Ford Focus was my primary source of mechanical information for the rebuild project.  The 4-Cylinder Engine Short Block High-Performance Manual (written by Des Hammill), was also very useful.  Torque settings were obtained from both the Haynes manual and the formulafordzetec.co.uk website.

Many gifted human beings provided advice and counsel.  An alphabetical listing appears at the end of this report.  Specific tools, tasks and costs will be listed as the project report progresses but I’ll summarize those at the end of the report as well.